“Culture is a dialogue, an exchange of ideas and experiences, an appreciation of other values and tradition, it’s exhausted and dies in isolation”
World Conference on Cultural Policies. Mexico D.F., 1982
Photo Author: Stefania Scamardi

The archaeological remains of the pillow of Seville son, largely, barely visible due to the continuous transformations experienced through the centuries and, in some cases, destroyed or hidden before the impossibility of an adequate presentation and value.

We invite you to discover it:

إشبيلية الموحدين


Rediscovering a historical legacy

Seville invites you to learn about it´s roots, a shared history that remains reflected in many of its corners, a city that combines tradition and contemporary.

An itinerary through the three biggest al- Andalus capitals and we will offer a vision through History, Arts and Science.

We invite you to enter a territory full of contrasts, to discover the beauty offered by each of its corners and share our CULTURE.

How to arrive?

Via Barcelona, Madrid or Malaga, air connections.
This cities offer excellent touristic options to explore and enjoy, of which can be combined with SEVILLE, the perfect host city

We look forward to convert your dreams into an unforgettable reality